Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Sundays are the best.  It’s the day of the week I do most of my grocery shopping and plan my meals for the week.  A day of relaxing before work and sometimes trying something new.  On my trip to H-Mart, I spotted this pack of Ottogi Cheese Ramen.

I had been wanting to use my new gold Korean noodle pot and felt that this was an interestingly enough flavor to be the first!

$6.99 for 16cm pot at Zion Market. Perfect size for a single serving of instant noodles!

I love adding extra toppings to my instant noodles so I decided to make it look like the picture on the packaging.

Mise en place ready to go!
I realize the cheese is covering the star on the carrot :(.

Overall, I think the broth had a pleasant flavor with a slight spicy kick to it although it could have been cheesier.  The noodles had nice texture.  Not bad, but considering how many instant noodles there are out there to try, I don’t think I will be buying these again anytime soon.

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