Cook the Book: Gran Cocina Latina – Sancocho de Pollo

I have a ton of cookbooks.  They take over my Kindle.  They overflow my bookshelves.  I admire them like art in a gallery.    Yet, I have only cooked from a handful of them.  My mission is to make at least one recipe from each book.  

First up is La Gran Cocina Latina.  After perusing the many recipes in the book, I decided to make Sancocho de Pollo (chicken soup) served with Ajilimojili and Long Grain Rice.  It sounded like a nice homey meal.


I made some substutions since I couldn’t find the exact peppers.  I used Anaheim peppers in place of cubanelle peppers and sweet mini peppers in place of Cubanelle peppers.

Love the deep color achiote oil contributes.

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like the soup too much because of the amount of sweet peppers in it, but it turned out to be super savory and very addicting!  The ajilimojili pepper sauce paired really well and could have even made a great salsa for chips!  I would probably make this soup again during the winter.

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