Pate Pho

A couple days ago, I made pho broth in a slow cooker with short rib bones, oxtail, and pho aromatics.  I skimmed off PLENTY of fat and for some reason decided to strain it for later use.  I had pho flavored fat….and pho broth.  The obvious thing to do was make pho gravy!  I suddenly had a flashback to a dish I had at Paper Planes in San Jose.  It was a pate chaud (meat in puff pastry) topped with fried egg and pho gravy.

My version is filled with oxtail and short rib meat topped with a poached egg.  The gravy is a flavor bomb of umami.  It’s meaty, star anisey, clovey, and fish saucey.  What’s not to like?  The egg adds that extra indulgence.  It’s like a French/Vietnamese inspired eggs benedict.  The next time you make pho, think twice about discarding the fat!

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